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What is the Key icon on the home screen and MYTVOnline2?

* * * **P**lease read below to find out what the key icon on the home screen and MYTVonline2 is. 📝Applicable models: ✅ MYTVOnline2 models * * * ## **💡 INFO** Home screen MYTVOnline2 with a WiFi connection MYTVOnline2 with an Ethernet connection ![][1] ![][2] ![][3] * The Key icon stands for VPN. * When …

How to kill / shutdown apps running in the background ?

* * * When you want to shutdown all background apps, you can simply use shortcut keys below. 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models * * * > * Please note that closing background apps would not save much of your data and memory. > * Normally used apps are running background to help you switch things in and out quick…

How to fix remote interference / conflict with other devices (e.g soundbar...)?

* * * **R**emote interference issue is known and found that it happens with some soundbars, HDMI splitter and TVs. 💬 Below devices / models are some of those. > * ZVOX sound bar, samsung le46c530f1wxxu, LG SK8 sound bar > * J-tech HDMI splitter JTD4KAT0301SW, MONOPRICE HDMI Switch ... * * * **U**nfortunatel…

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