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How to fix remote interference / conflict with other devices (e.g soundbar...)?
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Remote interference issue is known and found that it happens with some soundbars, HDMI splitter and TVs.
💬 Below devices / models are some of those.

  • ZVOX sound bar, samsung le46c530f1wxxu, LG SK8 sound bar
  • J-tech HDMI splitter JTD4KAT0301SW, MONOPRICE HDMI Switch ...

Unfortunately, there is no best way to mitigate IR interference if other devices happen to use the same IR codes.


💡 However, here we have some possible workaround to try.

  1. Turn the device off which causes IR interference while using your FORMULER
  2. Physically separate them;
    - Try to use IR extension cable in some way so the interference can be managed
    - Block IR receiver sensor of the device if the situation allows
  3. Download and use remote control app on your mobile phone
  4. Use other alternative remote devices If possible;
    - Use a Bluetooth remote (check if your device has Bluetooth)
    - USB wireless keyboard remote or Air mouse.

⚡ To eliminate the issue completely,
We are keeping enhancing FORMULER software quality and developing more advanced devices.
One of the options can be "GTV-BT1" Bluetooth remote. Please find Formuler sellers around you in case you want to purchase and check GTV-BT1 Remote guide here


IF this doesn't answer your doubts or you want to search more information,

Please take a look at threads in our forum FORMULER FORUM Or click TAGS on the right side of this page.


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