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folder-icon How to factory reset Formuler devices? folder-icon How to fix "No Ethernet connection" on newly unboxed Formuler GTV folder-icon How to fix "No Ethernet connection" on newly unboxed Formuler Z8, Z+ Neo, Z Alpha folder-icon How to fix remote interference / conflict with other devices (e.g soundbar...)? folder-icon How to fix the GTV Stuck at Logo screen issue on some Vizio TVs folder-icon How to fix the iPhone WiFi hotspot connection issue folder-icon How to Report a problem and Send logs folder-icon How to resolve error code 11? folder-icon How to resolve error code 7, 403? folder-icon How to resolve general Audio Sound Issues ? (No Sound, Low volume, etc...) folder-icon How to resolve the RCA TV HDMI issue after updating to Firmware 1.4.80 folder-icon How to troubleshoot ethernet issues folder-icon How to troubleshoot WiFi issues folder-icon How to update the software on Formuler GTV folder-icon [Manual Factory reset] Formuler Zx, Z7+, S Series(Smini, Sturbo) folder-icon [Manual Factory Reset] GTV folder-icon [Manual Factory Reset] Z11 Pro Max, Z11 Pro, Z10 Pro Max, Z10 Pro folder-icon [Manual Factory Reset] Z8 Pro, Z8, CC, Z Alpha, and Z+Neo folder-icon [Manual Factory Reset] Z, Znano, Z+, Zprime folder-icon Missing Remote Icon In Google TV App folder-icon "No information" on channels in Electronic Program Guide (EPG)? folder-icon PLEX: How to solve the Plex green screen issue. folder-icon Software update is not working / Troubleshoot network(-1) issue folder-icon System shutdown initiated. Why is my Formuler device shutting down automatically? folder-icon Troubleshoot Dull or Wrong colors on Formuler GTV folder-icon Troubleshoot freezing/buffering/stutter issue on MYTVOnline folder-icon Troubleshoot IR extension cable not working folder-icon Troubleshoot Network-related Issue - Black Screen folder-icon Troubleshoot "No Signal" , "Invalid Signal" , "No Image" , "HDCP 2.2 error" on TV folder-icon Troubleshoot Remote Control not working folder-icon Why my device fails to backup? How to troubleshoot backup failure
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