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How to resolve general Audio Sound Issues ? (No Sound, Low volume, etc...)
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Audio issues including "No Sound/Audio", "Low volume", "Volume fluctuations" issue in Mytvonline?



  • Make sure that your TV or Audio device/system has no sound problem with other devices.


Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

📝Applicable models : ✅ All models

💡 Check connectivity

  1. Check your HDMI cable and cable-connections
    Try with a different cable and input port on your TV (connect the plugs well into their sockets)
  2. Make sure the sound settings are set correctly if you use other audio devices in-between

💡 Install Audio optimizer App- In case you have audio issue in Mytvonline with certain channels

  1. Install and run the "Audio Optimizer" app from the Home Market, execute once and reboot the box. 
    You can find and download it here (HOME > MARKET > Audio Optimizer)
  2. Go to a channel that had no sound and check if it's working now.
  3. Check Aduio Track Options by pressing the RED button on the remote while you are on that channel.
    Audio Track Options are accessable through OSD buttons.
    Press info button on remote and look for actions/settings at the bottom of info bar. (Mytvonline2 Models)

💡 TV / Audio device settings

  1. Enable the "Auto Volume" option on your TV
    This is to prevent a dramatic increase or decrease of volume between channels
    In case you are experiencing fluctuating volume, also disable this option and check if it helps
  2. Check and adjust other volume/sound/audio settings on your TV
  3. Check the adjust sound settings on the audio system in case it's in use
    💬 If your audio device(soundbar, av amplifier, etc.) decodes audio files (HDMI out put: RAW), 
          you should control the volume with your audio system remote.

💡 If none of the above helps, 

  1. Make a factory reset and check if the problem persists
  2. consult your service provider as the issue could come from the stream source


IF this doesn't answer your doubts or you want to search more information,
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