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[Manual Factory Reset] Z8 Pro, Z8, CC, Z Alpha, and Z+Neo
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Please refer to below Manual Factory Reset instructions.

📝Applicable models : ✅Z8 Pro ✅Z8 ✅CC ✅Z Alpha ✅Z+Neo

💡 [Built-in Method] 💬 This also works with newly manufactured other models such as Z7+, Z7+5G, Zx, Zx5G _ (_Firmware 1.2.71 or higher)

  1. Please take a memo of your important data or do backup using backup & restore tool before the factory reset
  2. Remove power from the device
  3. While repeatedly pressing the RED button(🚨NOT Recording) on the remote, Insert power into the device
    Press the button repeatedly, don't hold it down.
  4. The LED on the front of the device will flash quickly alternating from greet to red. Stop pressing the RED button
  5. While the status LED is flashing red and green, press 1 on the remote
  6. The device will initiate the factory reset procedure
  7. Do not remove power to the device.
  8. Wait until the reset procedure is completed
  9. The reset procedure is complete when you see the Setup Assistant on the TV screen

💡Video Instruction:

💡In case you need USB method, please also refer to 👉 Manual factory reset tool

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