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Troubleshoot "No Signal" , "Invalid Signal" , "No Image" , "HDCP 2.2 error" on TV
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Check the steps below to resolve
"No Signal"  "Invalid Signal" "No Image" "Resolution not Supported" "HDCP2.2 error" displayed on your TV.

📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

💡  Basic Checks

  • Try to use another HDMI cable, and use other HDMI port on TV
  • Bypass any A/V receiver in the device chain and connect the Formuler directly to your TV using the HDMI cable
  • If available, try to connect your Formuler to a different TV or monitor to check for signal
  • Verify and Select the correct Input on the TV

Next, check supported resolutions on your TV. Formuler device might be set to an incompatible HDMI output mode.

  1. Turn ON the TV
  2. Pull the power from your Formuler device
  3. Plug power back into the Formuler device
  4. Wait at least 2 minutes for the Formuler to boot up
  5. Press and hold the resolution button for 5 seconds on your Formuler remote
    Output resolution of the Formuler will automatically be set to a safe resolution.  "HDMI auto adaptation option enabled" message is displayed.

💬 HDMI Auto adaptation option

  • You can also set HDMI auto adaptation option manually from the settings.
  • Applicable models: Z8 Pro,  Z8,  Z+ Neo, Z Alpha
    • Home > Settings > Display > Auto-select best resolution : enable this option
  • Applicable models: Z7+ 5G, Z7+, Zx 5G, Zx, Z+, Z prime
    • Home > Settings > Android > Display > HDMI auto adaptation : enable this option
  • Applicable models: Z nano
    • Home > System > Android > Display > Optimal display format : enable this option

💬  How to turn off HDCP

  • Applicable models: Z8 Pro,  Z8,  Z+ Neo, Z Alpha
  • Follow the steps below to turn off HDCP.
  1. On your Formuler, Go to Home > Open the Android Settings
  2. Scroll down and open Advanced Options
  3. Select HDMI CEC, HDCP
  4. Scroll down to "Enable HDCP" and turn that option OFF
  5. Exit from Android settings
  6. Turn off your Formuler device and turn it back on.

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