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[Manual Factory Reset] Z, Znano, Z+, Zprime
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Please DOWNLOAD THIS and extract it to a USB stick (Use formatted USB with the NTFS file system)


💡 How to

  1. After unzip downloaded file, put _recovery_facinit file in your USB root (without any parent folder)
  2. Power off the receiver and insert that USB
  3. Click the Channel UP button on remote; repeatedly click click click click ...
  4. While clicking CH UP button on remote, power on the receiver (plug in power adapter)
  5. Android update animation will appear. Stop pressing CH UP button now.
  6. Box will be factory reset with Android logo if it works
  • If you don't see "Android logo" and box boots normal, there must be something wrong. (please retry)
  • If you see Android logo with ERROR message, the box can't be reset with this tool or it can be due to missing file in USB(please check and retry)

  • “_recovery_facinit” file will be deleted from the USB once it is used correctly for one receiver.
  • To use for another receiver, you may want to create the file again.



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