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What is Channel List Styles option and how to adjust it?

Channel List Style is a selection of layouts for your channel list when you press OK button on remote. This can be **Classic view** which shows a small preview screen along with channel list or **Normal view **which pops up channel list on the left side of LIVE screen. Here is how to select an option. 1. Press ‘M…

What is Buffer option and How to adjust it in Mytvonline?

* * * The "**Buffer Time**" settings controls the amount of time the stream will buffer after changing channels and the channel has loaded. People expect channel changes to be instand and quick. This settings only takes effect after zapping to a certain channel. **You can adjust the setting from** * Mytvonline…

How to set EPG mode and adjust offset?

* * * **A**t times, users are experiencing Epg out of sync issue due to timezone differences. Please follow the steps below to change **EPG mode** and adjust **EPG offset** to get correct timeline on EPG. 📝Applicable models: ✅ MYTVOnline **1** models * * * 1. MYTVOnline 1 > Settings > Manual EPG Offset 2. Fig…

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