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Where is Quick Setting group? Can't find "Software Update" app in Home screen.

* * * **IF** you do not see **Quick Settings group** and can't find "Software Update" app in Home screen, the Quick Settings row might be hidden by user configuration. 📝Applicable models: ✅ Z8 ✅ Zalpha ✅ Z+Neo * * * **💡 How to hide/unhide Quick Setting group?** * Go to Home > Launcher Settings > Parental Set…

how to reset device setting lock?

* * * **F**ormuler devices can be customized by device sellers, installers or service providers. Private logos and background images as well as portal service URLs can be pre- configured. In case the device you have is configured and you want to access to some locked feature, you will need the pin code to reset th…

How to access and delete recording files?

* * * Please follow the simple steps below to access and delete recording files on MYTVOnline. ## **💡 HOW TO** 📝Applicable models: ✅ MYTVOnline 1 Models * * * * Access: Press the PLAYLIST button on the remote. * Delete: Access a recording file and press the RED button on the remote. * * * 📝Applicable m…

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