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How to set up portals on MYTVOnline? (MAC-ID / XC / M3U)
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  • Formuler device does not include any contents.
    Formuler is a device manufacturer, not a contents provider.
  • Portal URL is what your service provider provides to you after you subscribe to service.
    Formuler can not provide you with any URL.
  • If you have questions about service subscription, search on the web or consult your seller.

Formuler Mytvonline is compatible with following portal types;

  • MAC-ID: Stalker Middleware (Portal URL only)
  • XC: Xtreme Codes API (Portal URL and Username&Password)
  • M3U: M3U Playlist (Playlist file or URL)

πŸ’‘ MYTVOnline 1

  • Menu > Portals

πŸ’‘ MYTVOnline 2

  • Menu > Connections

πŸ’‘ MYTVOnline 3

  • Menu > Content Manager > Content Sources

πŸ’‘ MAC-ID: Stalker Middleware

  • What you need to provide to your service provider: MAC-ID that starts with 00:1A...
    When provider asks for MAC address, Give them MAC ID⚑ which starts with 00:1A..
    ID can be seen from the sticker on the bottom of the device or on Portal connection screen
  • What you will receive from your service provider: Portal URL.
    e.g. ""
  • πŸ’¬ Refer to the tutorial video: [Video Guide] MYTVOnline2 - How to setup a Portal URL

πŸ’‘ XC: Xtreme Codes API

πŸ’‘ M3U: M3U Playlist

πŸ’¬ How to set up Mytvonline


If you know the differences of portal types and own your portal information to input,

Please find detailed steps to follow here πŸ‘‰ Set up Guide for Mytvonline ⚑

IF this doesn't answer your doubts or you want to search more information,
Please take a look at threads in our forum FORMULER FORUM Or click TAGS on the right side of this page.

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