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How to customize launcher home screen?
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Please check out quick guide for customization of your launcher home screen.


📝Applicable models : ✅Z11 Series ✅Z10 Series ✅Z8 Series


⚡ Go to Home > Launcher Settings to;

  • Organize app groups
    App Groups > default A / default B > Enable > Select Apps
  • Lock apps
    App Groups > Locker > Enter current PIN > Enable > Select Apps
  • Change system pin
    Parental Settings > Enter current PIN > Change the PIN
  • Hide/Unhide Quick Settings bar
    Parental Settings > Enter current PIN > Toggle ON or OFF "Show Quick Settings"
  • Set startup app
    Startup App > Enter current PIN > Select the app which you want to run automatically at startup
  • Change wallpaper
    Please refer to the following article to change launcher background images
  • In case you want to move/change app positions, refer to this article also.

📝Applicable models : ✅Zprime ✅Z+ ✅Z7+ ✅Z7+ 5G ✅Zx ✅Zx 5G

You can customize a couple things below on your Home Launcher.

  • Adding new app tile to homescreen, Changing tile color/image/position, Removing
  • Uninstalling the app from system, Adding new homescreen group, Editing/Deleting group

Please find the follwoing video tutorial for details.

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