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How to delete VOD watched list history?

* * * **VOD** watched list is shown in History group of VOD section.(_**ONLY Mytvonline 2 models**_) 📝Applicable models: ✅ All Mytvonline 2 Models * * * In case you want to delete some or all of the list, Please follow the steps below to delete VOD history. **💡 HOW TO** 1. Move to Histroy group in VOD section …

How to pair Bluetooth device to FORMULER?

* * * Please follow the steps below to pair Bluetooth device to your Formuler device. > 🚨**BEFORE PARING** > > * Verify that you turned off bluetooth on your other electronic devices which you paired with it before. > * If possible, clean all pairing list from your bluetooth device(refer to your device manual…

How to program FORMULER Remote?

* * * **F**ORMULER Remote Learning Mode Guide is also provided on the back side or inside of battery cover of original remotes. 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models Models that come with a learning remote can learn the IR codes of other devices such as TV, stereo, and etc. **💡 HOW TO** You will need your original rem…

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