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How to backup and restore the device? (only Z8, Z Alpha, Z+ Neo)

* * * _You can back up content, data, and settings from your Formuler to use in case your device is ever replaced or damaged. You can restore your backed-up data to the original device or to other devices(same model) as needed._ 📝Applicable models : ✅Z8 ✅ZAlpha ✅Z+Neo * * * Before you get started, please learn […

What is the maximum supported storage and limitations? [USB, HDD, SD card]

* * * Please check below maximum supported external storage size info. 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models * * * ## 💡 **External hard drive** There is **NO** **physical limit**, just there is partition and format file system limitation. Please make (1x) full partition and format USB to NTFS type as follows: [**HOW …

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