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How to navigate mobile apps using your FORMULER BT1 or IR1 remote

With the new mouse features, you can easily scroll to 4 directions in mobile apps using D-pad or other assigned keys. Please refer to the below instructions. * * * 📝Applicable models : ✅ GTV ✅ Z10 series ✅ Z8 series (Alpha, Neo, CC included) * * * 💡 **[Formuler Remote app v1.2.6 or higher **is required**]** **Ho…

How to use the mouse cursor on the screen

* * * 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models **L**earn how to use the mouse cursor on the screen below. * * * 💡 **Mouse cursor** > 1. Press the mouse cursor button on your remote > 2. The mouse cursor appears on the screen > 3. Use the D-Pad(Directional Pad) to move the mouse cursor around the screen > 4. Pr…

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