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How to access and delete recording files?

* * * Please follow the simple steps below to access and delete recording files on MYTVOnline. ## **💡 HOW TO** 📝Applicable models: ✅ MYTVOnline 1 Models * * * * Access: Press the PLAYLIST button on the remote. * Delete: Access a recording file and press the RED button on the remote. * * * 📝Applicable m…

Device turns off when the option is not set? Playback limit, Inactivity settings

* * * **IF** the device turns off after certain run-time even though sleep option is not set. This may happen due to "**Playback Limi**t" settings. 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models * * * **P**layback Limit option is to turn the device off from the connection to the server, when there is no user intervention afte…

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