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How to Report a problem and Send logs

* * * **W**hen logs are requested by Formuler Support staff through a Help Desk ticket you created, Please follow the steps below to "Report a problem" from your device (*Model dependent) 📝Applicable models : ✅GTV * * * **💡 HOW TO** 1. Unplug your power cable and plug the cable back in 2. Reproduce the issu…

How to share Formuler device folder with a PC (samba)?

* * * SAMBA(SMB) service enables to transfer and share files between Formuler and PC over the network. You can play media files(video, audio, pictures) located on networked PCs on your device. 📝Applicable models : ✅Z8 ✅Z8 Pro ✅Zalpha ✅Z+Neo ✅CC ✅Z7+ ✅Z7+ 5G ✅Zx ✅Zx 5G * * * ## **💡 HOW TO** 🚨 **IMPORTANT (Basic S…

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