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How to share Formuler device folder with a PC (samba)?
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SAMBA(SMB) service enables to transfer and share files between Formuler and PC over the network.
You can play media files(video, audio, pictures) located on networked PCs on your device.


📝Applicable models : ✅Z8    ✅Z8 Pro    ✅Zalpha  ✅Z+Neo  ✅CC    ✅Z7+     ✅Z7+ 5G     ✅Zx     ✅Zx 5G


🚨 IMPORTANT (Basic Settings)

  1. Make sure that both devices are connected over the same network
  2. Have a shared folder on a PC with file sharing and network discovery enabled
    Check PC settings (Shareing settings, Access settings to folder, SMB protocol, ect)
    Please search more details on the web for your PC OS in case you have issues
  3. Enable SMB service in Settings on your device
    -. Z8/Zalpha: Home > Settings > SAMBA Service > Turn on SAMBA
    -. Z7+/Z7+5G/Zx/Zx5G: Home > Settings > Android > Personal > Turn on SAMBA


⚡ Windows to Formuler

  1. Open Network and sharing center
  2. Click on your Formuler device name to find out its local IP address
    Also, IP address can be seen from Formuler device - network setting menu
  3. Open your Windows Run (Windows + R) and type following path
    - Internal memory path: '\\ip.address.of.formuler\share'  (without single quotes)
    - USB path: '\\ip.address.of.formuler\share\media_rw\sda1' (without single quotes)


⚡ Formuler to Windows
Method A. Network folder auto setup on Formuler

  1. Go to Home > File Manager(Z8/Zalpha) or File Browser(other Z series) > LAN > Click all Networks
  2. Find your PC(users folder)


Method B. Manual connection to network folder

  1. Go to Home > File Brower or File Manager > LAN
  2. Press the MENU on the remote and click on NEW
  3. Fill out the following connection parameters:
    - Server:  IP address of PC (file server)
    - Directory: the name of shared folder on PC
    - Account: the same as the user name of the PC
    - Password: password for accessing the folder
       *. Login info is entered if the folder is password-protected.
       *. In the case of passwordless access, account and password options should be empty
  4. Press OK

💬 Setting/Resetting the SMB login password on Formuler devices
You can set the password under "User password for protection" in SMB Settings.
If you are asked for password when accessing your device from your PC, please follow these steps:

  1. Try with the guest account with no password
    - User: administrator / Password: (emtpy)
  2. Reset settings
    - Z8/Zalpha: Reset samba settings in SMB Settings (Default PIN is 0000)
    - Z7+/Z7+5G/Zx/Zx5G: To reset the password, it needs to be factory reset 



IF this doesn't answer your doubts or you want to search more information,
Please take a look at threads in our forum FORMULER FORUM Or click TAGS on the right side of this page.



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