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Z Mini - How to re-pair BT remote when the connection is lost

If the BT connection between the remote and your Z mini is lost, and you cannot navigate to the settings menu using the remote, please follow the guide below. 📝Applicable models : ✅Z Mini 1. Press the button on the top of the Z Mini device (refer to the picture below). ![][1] 2. You will be directed to the BT pair…

How to rename a Bluetooth accesorry on Formuler devices?

* * * **IF** you want to change some of your device names which are shown on Formuler devices for bluetooth paring, this can be achieved within some of Formuler models. 📝Applicable models : ✅Z7+ ✅Z7+ 5G ✅Zx ✅Zx 5G * * * 💡**Please follow the steps below to customize device names.** 1. Make sure that your Blueto…

How to pair Bluetooth device to FORMULER?

* * * Please follow the steps below to pair Bluetooth device to your Formuler device. > 🚨**BEFORE PARING** > > * Verify that you turned off bluetooth on your other electronic devices which you paired with it before. > * If possible, clean all pairing list from your bluetooth device(refer to your device manual…

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