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Simple remote manual & Hidden functions
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Even though there is a slight difference between models, we hope this basic guide help all Formuler users.


πŸ“Applicable models: βœ… All models (* Some keys : Model dependent)

Please take a look at the files / sites below for basic remote guide & tutorials.


πŸ’‘ Simple manual & Video tutorials


πŸ’‘ Hidden/Advanced remote functions

Screen Remote Button Action
Home Press and hold OK Re-organizing launcher Apps
Home Red(β–£) / Green(β–£)
β–£) / Blue(β–£)
Open assigned app
Mytvonline1: Settings > System > Hotkey
Mytvonline2: Quick Settings > Hotkeys
Everywhere Press and hold Record (●) Create screenshot (USB is needed)
Everywhere Press and hold STB (power) Show shutdown options (Standby/Power off/Restart)
Everywhere Press and hold Resolution Revert the HDMI resolution to a safe mode
Enable HDMI auto adaptation
Everywhere Press and hold MENU Display recently used apps
D-Pad Down/Up: Close selected App 
Everywhere Press and hold VFORMAT Picture Quality (PQ)Setting dialog
Live INFO > D-pad Left Show channel list in current group
Live INFO > D-pad Right
OK(Classic list) > D-pad Right
Single channel EPG
Live OK Show channel List (List Style option: Menu > Settings)
Live BACK Go to the previous channel
Live Press and hold BACK Displays the recent channel history
Live Red button (β–£) Go to channel menu options audiotrack, subtitle etc.
Live Green button (β–£) Go to channel search option
Live Record (●) Record starts / Red icon displayed (USB is needed)
Live Press and hold VOD Go to TV Series section
VOD/TV Press and hold VOD Move between VOD and TV Series
Live Record (●) Adjust current recording time (Only while recording)
Live Playlist Open Recording file list
Grid EPG Record (●) or OK (Mytvonline2) Set up scheduled recording for future program
Live (MOL2) Press and hold EXIT Exit dialog
Live (MOL2) Press and hold RED button (β–£) PiP Swap (Only when PIP is functioning)
Live (MOL2) Press and hold OK PiP channel change (Only when PIP is functioning)
Live (MOL2) OK > D-pad Left > D-pad Left Favorite Group Editor
Live (MOL2) INFO > D-pad Down Open Actions bar for OSD channel menu
(favorite, lock, settings, timeshift, pip etc.)
Press and hold OK Display "Delete recordings" dialog
Other apps Mouse Cursor > CH UP/DN Scroll up and down for Most Touch-screen apps


Please also refer to our forum thread about this.


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