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Record one channel and watch another channel - Mytvonline2
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You can record one channel while watching another on Mytvonline2.
To record channels, a USB drive or any of external hard drive(HDD, NAS, etc.) is needed.


  • Maximum supported storage and recording time?
    It depends on the capacity of the connected external drive and bitrate of the stream to be recorded.
  • Only supported on MULT-CONNECTION XC portals and M3U playlist
    Contact your service provider and check the possibility of having at least more than 2 connections.


📝Applicable models : ✅GTV  ✅Z10 Series  ✅Z8 Series  ✅CC  ✅ZAlpha    ✅Z+Neo

  1. Insert a correctly formatted USB into your Formuler
  2. Go to a channel which you want to record and start the recording by pressing record () button
  3. Navigate to another channel to watch while recording is in progress
    -. Note that moving to another sections like VOD/TV series is not possible.
  4. Red icon will be displayed on the top right of the screen while recording
  5. Channel name and time will be displayed also inside of the info bar (INFO > Actions)
  6. Pressing record () button once again will bring up recording details
    -. Such as Adjust a duration / Stop Recording / Go back to recording channel etc.  




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