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How to set up the recording to a NAS?
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You can set your Formuler device and NAS for recording and timeshift over the network.


📝Applicable models : ✅Z8 Pro   ✅Z alpha    ✅Z8    ✅CC   ✅Z+ Neo

Please follow the steps below to set up your network storage.



[Step 1]. Settings on NAS

  • Settings could vary by the model which you use 
  • Please Google or refer to the user manual provided with your NAS


[Step 2]. Quick Setting on Formuler device (Network Storage)

  • - Name: the name of your NAS
  • - Network Path: local static IP of your Formuler Device
  • - Username&PW: the same as the account info in your NAS settings (If not needed, leave them blank)
  • Enable the "Reconnected on startup" option
  • Click on Mount, then you will see the new server connected


[Step 3]. Settings in Mytvonline 2 (Recording/Timeshift settings)

  • Go to Mytvonline 2 > Menu > Settings > DVR Options > At the bottom you will see two storage settings
  • - Recording Storage Location
  • - Timeshift Storage Location
  • Set them to your NAS

After recording, you can find recorded files from Mytvonline 2 > Menu > Recordings
For detailed info on connecting your devices to NAS, please click this link


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