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[Manual Factory Reset] Z, Znano, Z+, Zprime

* * * Please **[DOWNLOAD THIS][1]** and extract it to a USB stick ([Use formatted USB with the NTFS file system][2]) ## **💡 How to** 1. After unzip downloaded file, put **_recovery_facinit **file in your **USB root **(without any parent folder) 2. Power off the receiver and insert that USB 3. Click the **Chan…

How to factory reset Formuler devices?

* * * Here is the simplest instruction on how to restore Formuler devices to factory settings? **🚨_BEFORE FACTORY RESET_** * Factory resetting the device will **delete**⚡ all user data and restore the system back to factory state. * Please write down any information you need prior to the factory reset, becau…

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